Monday, September 07, 2009

Acupuncture and PCOS

Acupuncture Improves Ovulation in PCOS Women

A study at Goteborg University in Sweden showed that acupuncture may help some PCOS women to ovulate. In this study, electro-acupuncture was used instead of traditional acupuncture. Electro-acupuncture, the application of a pulsating electrical current to acupuncture needles as a means of stimulating the acupuncture points, was developed in China as an extension of hand manipulation of acupuncture needles.

Twenty-four women with PCOS and infrequent or absent periods were included in this study. After 10-14 treatments for 2-3 months, nine women (38%) experienced regular ovulation. However, the electro-acupuncture was not effective in the more severe cases (obese, highest waist-to-hip ratio, and highest testosterone and insulin individuals).

For women with mild PCOS, acupuncture appears to help induce ovulation.

Source: Stener-Victorin E et al, Effects of electro-acupuncture on anovulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2000 Mar;79(3):180-8

Stacey's comment.

I think it is great that researchers are looking at how acupuncture and other therapies can be useful to optimize fertility. It is important to remember that PCOS is accompanied by insulin resistance whether you are overwt or lean with PCO. Therefore diet must be addressed to get the very best outcome. Insulin resistance can be reversed in many so this is the first area that needs to be addressed, short term for fertility but also long term for overall health. Our PCO ebook outlines what you need to do to accomplish this and some have gotten pregnant just by reading the book and applying the concepts.

another good resource is: The Glucose Revolution: managing PCO