Friday, May 21, 2010

Study Links Fertility Treatments to Autism

Stacey Roberts: We have to keep in mind that women who used these medications i.e. Clomid or IVF drugs likely had less than optimal hormone balance, undiagnosed subclinical thyroid issues or even possibly nutrient depletion among other possible scenarios that contributed to the fertility issues they experienced in the first place. So taking Clomid or IVF is not likely the cause of autism, but the less than optimal balance which contributed to fertility issues in the first place that is often ignored by the medical system as they move women thru fertility treatments without bothering to FULLY investigate the possible variables like lifestyle/diet issues, coeliac disease, thyroid issues etc, and treat the cause of the fertility issues. I believe if more couples took time to get as healthy as possible before conceiving and more doctors encouraged this before putting women on meds that in many cases can put them and their children at greater risk, then maybe these associations would be less evident.
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