Monday, November 14, 2011

What is Your Focus On Fertility?

Here is an excellent video to help you understand why you can feel so sad, depressed and disempowered when dealing with fertility issues. It's principles apply to life and is what many due to unknowingly sabotage their own happiness.

After watching think about how you can change your focus to what you have right now to take some of the pressure off regarding your fertility.

When we are dealing with difficult situations in our life (and fertility issues are one of the most difficult journeys someone can take) it is easy to lose focus on appreciating what we do have in life right now. This of course won't take away the issues you are dealing with regarding fertility but it will help you see find the pieces necessary to fill in the missing tile. But if your focus is only on what is missing, it is much more difficult to take action and move forward to create what you want.

So spend some time each day shifting your focus from what you apparently lack to appreciation of what you do have right now.