Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Evidence for Fertility; Improve your Egg Quality

I have been supporting and following Dr. Jonathon tilly's research since 2004 when I saw headlines in the Sydney Morning Herald that women may be able to regenerate their eggs. His research has been dismissed and ignored for many years but now with evidence in human tissue Dr. Tilly has shown once again that there is real evidence that women were not born with x amount of eggs and run out of them but that women may regenerate them each month similar to how the sperm regenerates every 3 months or so.

Here is an excellent video for you about the study published in Nature

If this is true and women can regenerate their eggs like men do with sp then this is likely the main reason that our program works so well for couples when they have been told there is no hope for them.

We know from a study at Stanford University that the follicles in women can take 8 menstrual cycles to develop and within these follicles are the egg cells. So over this period of time women with lifestyle changes, and optimal hormone balance and nutrition could likely improve the quality of these eggs.

Egg cells are like any other cell in the body. They need nutrients and optimal hormone balance to grow from a stem cell and work optimally. Exposure to excessive amounts of toxins and/or trauma can impact cellular health as well we can see from so many patients creating viable pregnancies in our program why this all works. This sounds like common sense doesn't it? If you think of about it for a minute, does it really make sense that nearly every cell in the body has been shown to be able to regenerate (brain and nerve cells were thought to not regenerate until recent years) and the male counterpart of the egg, i.e. the sp does regenerate, but the egg doesn’t?? That does not make sense to me at all and now there is more scientific evidence to support what really makes most sense; it is likely that the eggs do regenerate each month and therefore what you put in your body and how you live your life is likely to effect these cells like it effects other cells in the body.

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