Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Coconut oil... Can it help you get pregnant?

Recently a member of our site www.naturalfertility.com sent along this question to me:

Member: I had recently read that coconut oil can help me get pregnant. Is this true?

Stacey's response:
Coconut oil is a good choice in oils as it is beneficial for your digestive system and some have reported it to have positive effects on thyroid function. (see mercola.com put coconut oil in the search engine on that site)

Indirectly coconut oil can help fertility by helping you improve your overall health. Cooking with coconut oil is a good choice over less stable oils that can break down into transfats when heated. Trans Fat as you probably know can have a negative impact on overall health and therefore could effect fertility (Harvard Study)

So will coconut oil help you get pregnant? Most likely not on its own, but it certainly is a good step to help keep you moving in the right direction towards optimal health and therefore optimal fertility.