Saturday, September 15, 2012

Regular Fish oil or Krill?

Everyone is asking me if they should change over to krill oil due to all the latest advertisements on television and on the radio saying krill is better and you don't have to take as many etc, etc.  

First lets take a step back and remember why fish oil is important in the first place.  
One: it may optimise the health of the egg.  THe outer layer of the egg is made from fat so if we are low in essential fats like omega 3 this could impact the egg and the sp ability to fertilise the egg.  THe outer shell of the egg can become hard when you are deficient in essentials fats.  

Male fertility:  High levels of abnormal forms of sp have been shown to improve with increased essentials fatty acids like in the omega 3.  

We tend to be deficient in omega 3 in our diets and get too much omega 6, our body makes omega 9 so we don't have to supplement omega 9.  

So by taking fish oil the idea is to increase the omega 3 essential fatty acids which consist of dha and epa.  Your fish oil should be good quality, i.e either go thru a process that removes toxins such as mercury as much as possible or uses fish that don't contain those toxins in the first place.  Saying a supplement is mercury tested is not good enough, it must be purified or shown to not have contained the toxins in the first place.

Krills advantage is two fold.  Nonexistent mercury (krill are so small they don't tend to contain the mercury other larger fish do) and high antioxidant content particularly from an antioxidant called as astaxanthin which is great for overall health (can help fight wrinkles supposedly as well) BUT and this is a big BUT...krill oil or atleast the ones I have seen have very very low amounts of the omega 3 which is the important bit that most of us need. Omega 3 has been shown to be correlated with immproved moods, improved joint health, better skin, less dryness of the eyes, improving cholesterol balance, thats just to name a few.

Therefore my conclusion is krill is NOT a replacement for your good quality fish oils that have optimal amounts of omega 3 epa and dha but it certainly can compliment the fish oil and add more antioxidants into your system which has been shown to be correlated with better egg health and sp health.  

For specific recommendations of what fish oils we recommend pls email and let me know what country you are in.

Here is a quick little email from one of our subscribers which is our creation story of the week.
I am 39 years old and I purchased one of your ebooks. (I am thinking it was recurrent miscarriage ebook due to her history)  I followed all the steps in it and am now 26 weeks pregnant after having had 3 miscarriages.  Thank you for everything and keep doing the good work that you do.
I hope that some day if I haven't already gotten one from you, that you send your creation story in.  This doesn't always mean becoming pregnant and having a baby either.  We have women talking about creating a newer fuller life after seeing us to recover from a long bout with fertility issues.  We at Sharkeys aren't just about helping you get pregnant, although obviously that is our hope for you, but we also strive to help you become healthier and therefore live fuller richer lives. So if you know anyone out there that has been tossed around from dealing with fertility issues and just needs to get their life back, feel free to let them know about us and our services.

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